Water is essential to a growing Bell County. To ensure this natural resource is abundant for future residents, we must look at all methods of water conservation and enact a county water conservation plan. As commissioner, I will provide incentives for residents and developers to rainwater harvest, install drought resistant landscaping and for the county to construction two aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) facilities.


County services need to be accessible, efficient, and convenient. Incorporating new technology and techniques will provide the level of customer service our county residence deserves. A new Killeen County Annex, in Downtown Killeen, will provide the much needed upgrades our residents and employees need to better serve you. 



We are entitled to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Criminal justice reform must be a priority to ease jail overcrowding. The county jail will not be used as a mental health facility. I will advocate for the county to hire social workers to find proper care.  As a former police officer, I understand what faces our local law enforcement. We must ensure that police are properly trained and have the tools necessary to protect and serve. I support decriminalizing marijuana for low level possession and expanding compassionate use.



Providing the county with serviceable roads and bridges are key to commerce and a thriving economy. Experienced in construction, I will ensure that the county receives the best cost for projects and requiring prime contractors to have subcontractor goals to include minority-owned, veteran-owned, women-owned, and historically underutilized businesses.


Rethinking development and property taxes. Not all development is good. Development creates long term liabilities to cities and counties. Tax revenue generated by development must pay for the infrastructure life cycles. This will be the benchmark for future development in the county and require a development impact assessment. Government services and infrastructure are funded by property taxes. Finding that balance in our rapidly growing county and being good steward of current resources is crucial.